Mechanical Engineering

The lab courses are handled innovatively, giving students the opportunity to apply methodology to solve current engineering problems with hands-on lab work.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering will strive to be a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE for teaching and training high caliber, practically oriented, self-employing enterprising graduates for public and private industries and organizations.


The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Program is to provide an excellent educational experience for its students.

Educate the next generation of leaders in the Mechanical Engineering profession.

This experience includes an emphasis on the technical, communication, teamwork and life-long learning skills that graduate engineers need to succeed, in both the workplace and society in general.

The curriculum emphasizes a rigorous treatment of the mathematical and scientific approach to the solution of engineering problems.

It provides a coherent set of courses in energy conversion and structures/motion in mechanical systems.

Create, explore, and develop innovations.

Provide beneficial service to the local, state, national, and international communities.