The mission of MS Polytechnic College is to unite contemporary education with technical training to cultivate well-rounded, competent and personally uplifted graduates who have a scientifically grounded understanding and experience of their technical transformation and a powerful drive to use their gifts to promote the greater good of society.

To create truly enlightened rural students to be well rounded and holistically developed human beings to achieve the highest levels in all fields, and channelize all their efforts towards the goal of a divine value based society.

They would follow a simple and spiritual lifestyle.

They would also derive benefits from both state-of-the-art facilities and tested traditional methods.


The ultimate objective of the students at MS Polytechnic College is not mere bread winning but also molding themselves into responsible citizens for a developed and prosperous society.

Students and teachers at MS Polytechnic College are committed to this philosophy.

They try to solve global problems through innovative methods.

They keep alive the home tradition, in which the students & teachers observe a healthy, simple lifestyle that keeps the focus on moral values.

Along with competence development, a MS Polytechnic college student is also molded to be an excellent human being.